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12 Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Travel Partner

Ready to go on that exciting trip with your travel partner? Ask them these 12 compulsory questions to see if they are the right fit for your trip.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2021 / -- Imagine this: You are planning a trip, and then you realize you will need a travel partner. Someone to travel with and share your exciting travel adventure with - what do you do? You could ask your best friend, family members, or a group of friends to become your travel partner. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, you could sign up for a travel social networking site like 212Travelbuddy to find your potential travel partner.

After lots of conversations, you finally found a travel partner or group from an online travel site or your circle of loved ones – good for you! But before you pack your bags and book your flights, have you asked yourself if you guys are travel-compatible? Or if can you endure their presence and mood swings throughout the trip?

The truth is, traveling is not always rosy. Things like sleep deprivation, hunger, and culture-shock that can make people act differently or cause things to go from ten to one in 5 seconds. Are you mentally and emotionally prepared for that side of travel? To help you choose the right match, we have compiled a list of 12 questions you should ask your potential travel partner or group.

- What is your budget?
This is the first question you need to ask your potential travel partner or group. You should know if they are up for a luxurious or budget-friendly trip. You should know how much they are willing to spend on accommodation, food, activities, and transport. If your financial capabilities don’t align closely, then abort the mission!

- Can you share a bed or a room?
Accommodation is probably the most expensive part of any trip. It is also one of the many benefits of having a travel partner as they help you save costs. So, is your partner okay with sharing a room or bed (if it comes down to that situation) with you?

- What is your sleep schedule?
Is your partner an early bird or a night owl? Do they need up to 9hours of sleep or, can they function properly with less sleep? You need to know your partner’s sleep schedule so that you can plan your trip and sightseeing accordingly.

- How long do you need to get ready?
If you need to follow a schedule of having a cup of coffee, and scrolling through your phone before having a shower, and preparing for the day - then you would have issues with a partner that leaps out of bed and gets ready in 5minutes. Know your partner’s getting-ready schedule and make a favorable compromise.

- How do we plan our trip?
While some people like to work with a list, others prefer doing things on a whim. We suggest you and your partner create an itinerary of what to do and see on your trip. And choose who will handle the lodging, transport, and restaurant booking process before the start of your trip. This way, there is less chaos, and everything is easily managed.

- Do we remain together every time, or should we split and do things separately?
You might want to explore places or do things separately from your partner. And your partner might want to explore everywhere with you by their side. Just choose the option that works best for both of you to avoid hurting anybody’s feelings.

- What kind of in-city transportation are you prefer?
Is your partner comfortable using public transit, car-hailing services - or would they prefer to drive around in a rented car? You have to know the mode of in-city transportation they are comfortable with and plan your trip accordingly.

- What kind of traveler are you?
Is your partner interested in slow travel? Like lazing around pools or enjoying a fine bottle of wine before dinner? Or do they prefer to hop around different tourist sites in a fast-paced schedule? You need to find that sweet in-between and work with it.

- Do you have any dietary concerns?
Is your partner following a plant-based diet? Do they eat meat? Are they lactose intolerant? Do they have any food allergies? Or do they follow a special diet? Knowing these things will help you avoid what they don’t eat when you are ordering for them. A vegan and lover of meat can travel together as long as they can find restaurants that offer varieties of food options.

- What are your habits or vices?
Do you snore while sleeping? Do you smoke or drink? Are you a coffee or a tea person? You need to know your partner’s vices or habits and see if you can cope with them. If you can’t, forget about the travel partnership and continue your search.

- Do you like interacting with locals or other people while on a trip?
Your partner might enjoy striking a conversation with the locals, meeting new people – or they might not. You need to know if they are comfortable being social with locals or other people during the trip. This will help you know, if they want to be with you every time or if they prefer opportunities to meet new people.

- How do we split things financially?
This is another important question to ask. Some expenses like accommodation and transportation are easy to share because they come with payment-splitting options. Other expenses like food can be harder to split. So do you split things 50-50, 60-40? Or take turns in settling bills? Whatever option you should, make sure it suits both you and your partner.

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